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What is the classification of air float?

Air flotation machine is a kind of remove the suspended solids in the various industrial and municipal wastewater, oil and various equipment of jelly, that what are the main classification of air flotation machine?Here's a brief introduction:

Turbo-concave air float, mainly through the OLTE vortex concave aeration and the high speed rotary aeration impeller, which makes the gas disperse rapidly in the liquid, and has achieved the gas float effect.The average processing effect is about 80 percent when the processing effect is not very high


The OLTE air gas float, mainly by dissolving and oversaturating the gas, is released at the end of the gas float

Dispersing air float, mainly by dispersing the bubble to the air float effect

4. The super-efficient shallow air flotation machine, it is a kind of advanced air floating system, successfully using the theory of "shallow pool" and "zero speed" principle to carry on the design, coagulation, gas floating, skimming, precipitation, scraping mud at an organic whole, is a kind of high efficiency and energy saving of water quality purification equipment to edit this section of the application of vortex concave air floating machine application

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