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The operating factors and performance of air float

Gas floating on the surface of the suspended matter when using directly by the difference between hydrophilic and hydrophobic, its surface which is very easy to have bubble, so that we can effectively use the air flotation to deal with, this method is effective for water into the gas energy, waiting for relief and then released bubble.

The hydrophilic air floatation is to use the corresponding chemicals for processing, will be effective after processing into hydrophobic, in the course of processing, we often use the coagulants his flocs can very good to intercept bubble, so that our air flotation efficiency is high. 


Air flotation is suitable for the air bubble size and strength of the release of tension is related, if his bubble radius is smaller, so that gas floating pressure will become bigger, in the air molecules inside the bubble about his chances of bubble film generated by the collision. 


Gas float if bubble is small, in the floating speed will be faster when using, such interference when in use and you will have little, if we are extensions to the water dissolved inorganic salt, he would let the membrane performance degradation.

Air flotation in the process of use can effectively clean according to its different levels of wastewater, especially those of untreated sewage, when use need after equipment of small aeration period, this is the air on the surface of the liquid will be input into the water, the micro air bubble is generated. 


Micro bubbles, floating in the liquid and water mixture will to some extent, the unbalanced condition, can produce the buoyancy of vertical directly, then suspended solid fever to the surface, the suspension will rely on the support to maintain on the surface of the water of the bubbles.

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