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Shallow air float need to pay attention to the following matters

The shallow air flotation has large processing capacity, high efficiency, and small footprint in the process of operation. In the process of manufacturing, the process of the air flotation and the construction of the equipment are very simple and easy to maintain and use. To a certain extent, Eliminate sludge swelling. The aeration of the shallow air flotation flotation water to the water, to a certain extent, has a significant effect on the removal of surfactants and odors in the water. At the same time in the process of operation, the aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water. Provides favorable conditions for subsequent processing.


Shallow air flotation is effective in the operation of the low-turbidity, algae-containing and low-temperature multi-type water source, in the operation can be directly used air flotation to obtain the best results, dissolved air flotation machine equipment After use, all need to be saved.


Keep the following in mind when storing in shallow air floatation

1. Shallow air flotation needs to focus on the environment: Shallow air flotation requires a certain degree of preservation of its dissolved air flotation machine equipment, which requires a certain degree of integration with the environment in which the equipment is located, and its environment cannot have Substances and articles that are unfavorable to sewage treatment equipment must not contain flammable or fragile objects, because the contact of these items with the equipment will definitely affect the quality of the products, ranging from scratches to damages and damages. .

2. Shallow air floatation requires attention to temperature: If the dissolved air floater equipment is exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it will be burned. Therefore, when storing dissolved air floatation equipment, keep away from high temperatures. If you can put it in a cool place, it is the best choice. Of course, maintenance and inspection must not be neglected when the dissolved air floatation equipment is stored, and corresponding cleaning must be done.

3. Pay attention to safety. The installation of shallow air flotation equipment often requires the help of heavy-duty hanging machinery. The unsafe factors increase during the installation. The damage to the judging device is often due to the age of the sewage treatment equipment. When storing, care should be taken not to place it in a particularly damp place in the warehouse. , Do not pile debris, regular inspection and cleaning, to avoid blocking the installation of the test process.

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