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Shallow air flotation separation technology and drainage treatment process

Shallow air flotation is a water-drainage treatment process. Its solid-liquid separation technology and equipment are key projects. It is one of the most effective methods for removing air flotation of tiny suspended particles with specific gravity close to water. Shallow air flotation is widely used in water supply and drainage treatment projects. It is applied to the water supply plant that uses lake water as the water source to remove algae and reduce turbidity.


Shallow air flotation

1. Effective water depth 400-500mm

2. Hydraulic retention time in the pool (3-5min).

3. The amount of purification is large, that is, the surface load is high.

4. Small footprint, light unit load, all prefabricated components are assembled, no operation room is required, equipment can be installed overhead, or multiple layers can be combined.

5. Installation and maintenance costs are low and easy to clean.

6. The degree of purification is high, and the suspended matter removal rate is over 90%.

7. The device adopts JFA type dissolved gas system, which has a clever structure, the dissolved gas efficiency is up to 90%, and the volume is only one-fifth of that of the general dissolved gas system.


The separation technology of shallow air flotation mainly refers to the air and water under certain pressure conditions, so that the gas can be dissolved into the water to a great extent, and it is required to be in a saturated state, and then the formed pressure dissolved water is decompressed. Release, generate a large number of fine bubbles, and fully contact with the suspended flocs in the water, so that the suspended flocs in the water adhere to the micro-bubbles, float to the surface with the bubbles, form scum and scrape off the scum, thereby purifying the water.

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