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Shallow flotation requirements and sludge installations

The shallow air-buoyed hydraulic retention time in the pool is approximately (3~5min). The entire product has a large amount of purification and a high surface load. The entire Shallow flotation area is small and the unit load is light. All the prefabricated components are assembled. No operating room is required. The equipment is installed overhead and can also be combined in multiple layers.

Shallow flotation is relatively inexpensive and easy to clean for installation and maintenance. The entire product has a high degree of cleanliness. When used, the suspended solids removal rate can reach over 90%. The structure of the entire product is very clever, and its equipment has a gas-dissolving efficiency as high as 90%, and its volume is only one-fifth that of a typical dissolved gas system.

Shallow air floatation process

The shallow floating raw water is effectively passed through the flocculation and mixing and is directly flowed from the center pipe of the bottom of the pool. The scum of the water surface of the product is collected by a skimmer, and then discharged into a central sludge tank and discharged into the matching sewage. In the mud device, the sludge sinking at the bottom of the pool is collected by the scraper and discharged into the sludge tank, and the clear water is collected and discharged by the central water collection agency. The flocculated raw water refers to the raw water formed by adding flocculating agent PAC or PAM (PAC is 400-1000 mg/I, PAM is about 1/5 of PAC) in the raw water and effective flocculation reaction is performed for 10-15 minutes. The specific dose and flocculation time, flocculation effect must be determined experimentally.

Shallow flotation requirements

The Shallow flotation separation technology mainly refers to the air and water under certain pressure conditions, so that the gas can be dissolved into the water to a great extent, and the effective IDE strives to be saturated, and then effectively The pressure dissolved gas formed is released by decompression to generate a large number of microscopic bubbles, which are in full contact with the suspended flocs in the water, so that the suspended floes in the water adhere to the microbubbles and float with the bubbles to the surface of the water to form scum. Scrape the scum to purify the water.

Shallow flotation is a kind of advanced and rapid air flotation system. Under normal circumstances, based on traditional air flotation theory, the “shallow theory” and “zero speed” principles have been successfully used. Through careful design, Set agglomerating, air flotation, slag dregs, sedimentation, and mud scraping, it is an efficient equipment for water purification treatment.

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