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Shallow flotation separation technology and water purification requirements

When the Shallow flotation is used, it mainly uses a dissolved gas system to dissolve a large amount of air into the water to form a dissolved gas, and strives to be in a saturated state, enters the water to be treated, and forms a large number of fine bubbles in the water after the pressure is released. Adhering to impurities and floc in the water, the suspended flocs in the water adhere to the microbubbles, forming a floating body with a specific gravity smaller than water, thereby quickly floating out of the water surface, and after being removed by the scraping device, the solid and liquid phases are completed. Separate to purify the water.

Shallow flotation is a kind of efficient and rapid solid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid separation technology. To a certain extent, it mainly produces a large number of micro-bubbles in a certain way, so that it is close to water-solid solids in water or The liquid impurity particles adhere to form an air floating polymer having a density lower than that of water, and float to the surface of the water to form dross under buoyancy to perform solid-liquid or liquid-liquid separation.

Shallow flotation is a kind of dissolved air flotation, and its device is composed of agglomeration, air flotation, slag, sedimentation and scraping. The overall shape is cylindrical, compact and the pool is shallow. The main body of the Shallow flotation device is composed of five parts: a pool body, a rotating water distribution mechanism, a dissolved gas release mechanism, a frame mechanism, a water collecting mechanism, and the like. The water inlet, the water outlet and the scum discharge port are all concentrated in the central area of the pool body, and the water distribution mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the dissolved gas release mechanism are closely connected with the frame and rotate around the center of the pool

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