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Shallow flotation use characteristics and operating status

The whole of the Shallow flotation is mainly cylindrical, the whole equipment is compact and the pool is shallow. The main body of the device is mainly composed of five parts: the pool body, the rotating water distribution mechanism, the dissolved gas release mechanism, the frame mechanism, and the set. Water agency, etc. The water inlet, the water outlet and the scum discharge port are all concentrated in the pool body area, and the water distribution mechanism, the water collecting mechanism and the dissolved gas release mechanism are closely connected with the frame and rotate around the center of the pool body.

The Shallow flotation is combined by the centralized control and the decentralized control box, so that the equipment can be put into better operation state. Shallow flotation in the feed water treatment process, solid-liquid separation technology and its equipment is one of the key projects. Shallow flotation is one of the more effective methods for the removal of tiny suspended particles with a specific gravity close to that of water.

Shallow flotation

1. Shallow flotation is highly automated, easy to operate and simple to manage.

2. The residence time is short, only 3-5 minutes, and the efficiency is high.

3. The surface load is large and the purification treatment is large.

4. Shallow flotation can effectively use the recoil release device to improve the utilization efficiency of dissolved gas and ensure the stability of the operation of the air flotation equipment.

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