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Shallow flotation working mode and water quality treatment requirements

Shallow flotation generates a large number of fine bubbles during the operation. These bubbles can cause tiny forms of bubbles in the air to adhere to the suspended particles, which directly causes the density to be less than that of water. It floats on the surface of the water using the buoyancy principle of its air flotation machine.

Shallow air floatation

Shallow flotation can clean different degrees of wastewater during use, especially those that have not been treated. When used, it needs to pass through the small aeration section of the equipment. At this time, the air on the liquid surface will be Input into the water so that microbubbles are produced. After the appearance of microbubbles, the liquid and water mixture in the air flotation will be unbalanced, and the buoyancy will be directly generated vertically, and then the solid superheated suspension will be brought to the surface of the water, and the suspended matter will depend on these bubbles. The support is maintained on the water.

Shallow flotation is currently in the water supply and drainage. The water quality of the pretreatment in use is mostly light suspension after operation except for some raw water bodies containing more sand and sewage containing heavier mechanical impurities.

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