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Best quality dissolved air floatation machine use precautions

Air flotation device is combined with many years practical experience of a sewage treatment, the development of a patented product.Mainly used in chemical, textile, food, papermaking, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, and other industrial sewage treatment and urban sewage treatment process gas floating efficient aeration pool.The following is the matters of attention in the air floating machine use.

Cavitation air floatation equipment

1. Check before starting the operation equipment around the obstacles, the pipeline interface, the valve if there is a leak, electrical equipment is in accordance with the safety management regulations, operation safety protection equipment is complete, check the rear can run according to the instructions.

2. According to the technological requirements, add all drugs to dissolve, storage, and set aside.

3. The first trial, should first open sewage pump, the dissolved air pump.

4. Open normally, should first open the dissolved air pump, the soda mixed circulation, and adjust the inflow pressure dissolving tank pressure, to achieve balance, open sewage pump, open the drugs on the road in the inlet pipe valve at the same time.

Pressed jet air floatation equipment

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