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industrial wastewater treatment

Industrial wastewater is refers to the industrial production process of wastewater, sewage and waste liquid, which contains with the water erosion is the industrial production of materials, intermediate products and product and manufacturing process of pollutants.With the rapid development of industry, the type and quantity of waste water are increasing rapidly, and the pollution of water bodies is becoming more and more widespread and serious, threatening human health and safety.Therefore, the treatment of industrial wastewater is more important than the treatment of urban sewage for environmental protection.And wuxi wanchuan environmental equipment technology co., LTD. Is making a brief introduction to the processing of various kinds of industrial wastewater.



What are the characteristics of oily waste water and how?

Oily wastewater is mainly derived from petroleum, petrochemical, steel, coking, gas station, mechanical processing and other industrial sectors.In wastewater, the relative densities of the oil pollutants in the waste water are less than 1 and the relative densities of heavy tar are more than 1.1.Oil substances usually exist in three states in wastewater.(1) oil droplet size is greater than 100 mu m, which is easily separated from waste water.(2) dispersing oil. The oil droplets are between 10 and 100 mu m, and they are floating in water.(3) emulsified oil, which is less than 10 mu m, can not be separated from the waste water.Due to different industrial sectors the wastewater in oil concentration difference is very big, such as during the process of refining waste water, the oil content is about 150 an 150 mg/L, the tar content in the coking wastewater is about 500 an 500 mg/L, the gas occurrence station are the tar content in effluent can reach 2000 a 3000 mg/L.

Oily waste water management, therefore, should first USES the separation tank, recovery of oil or heavy fuel oil, processing efficiency is 60% 80%, oil content in produced water about 100 an 100 mg/L, the emulsified oil wastewater and dispersed oil is more difficult, should prevent or mitigate emulsifying phenomenon.One way, is in the process of production to reduce waste water medium oil emulsion: second, is in the process, as far as possible to lower the number of pump ascending wastewater, so as not to increase emulsification degree.The method of treatment usually adopts the air float method and the broken milk method.


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