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The purpose and advantages of shallow talk gas aerosols

Dissolved air flotation machine use: adopt the bronze gas-liquid mixing pump pressurized dissolved air flotation system and omit the pressure pump, air compressor, jet device, high pressure dissolving tank, such as complicated Settings.Create "one-minute debugging".Simply stated, the valve is fully open, adjusting the inlet valve until the pressure gauge displays the pressure required by the processing system.


The advantages of OLTE gas aerosols are good results, easy to debug, saving labor, and considering the cost and effectiveness of artificial economy is the best choice.Compared with the vortex gas float, the solution must be equipped with an OLTE gas-liquid separating tank.OLTE, can automatically adjust the gas-liquid separator, stable performance, not only but also frequent start-up, shutdown and do not need to debug, that is to say the simple debugging a dissolved air system.

In general, there are advantages and disadvantages of the two aerojets.The specific choice should be based on specific circumstances.

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