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The method of air bubbles and the operation of air bubbles

Of air flotation bubble method is to have a lot of, but there are often use the dissolved air and aeration air flotation, electrolytic process is a kind of method, we seldom use electricity Japanese float at runtime is effective to the sewage zhongtong into 10 v direct current, then generates the tiny air bubbles.

Electric Japanese float in the process of use due to its power consumption big plate electrode fouling extremely easily, so in the process of using this method is mainly used for industrial wastewater treatment, small and medium-sized aeration gas float is also known as dispersed air method, mainly in air flotation pool at runtime Settings at the bottom of micro porous diffuser.

Compressed air aeration gas float will directly from the panel or the tube surface in the form of the tiny air bubbles escape out of the water, in the process of using impeller at the bottom, when use effective perpendicular to the surface of the shaft and the compressed air will encounter below the impeller, with the aid of the impeller for high speed rotating stirring effect.

Dissolved air flotation in the operating process, its gas dissolved in the water, the water pressure, can escape from the water, is there will be two kinds of methods in operating, gets the floating shelf space appears as the condition of vacuum, in ordinary conditions of water into the pool after the release of micro bubbles, said vacuum absorption method.

The air pressure of dissolved air is pressurized into the water to reach its saturation effectively. In this way, the dissolved air flow pressure can effectively enter the air floating pool, which is called the adding solution gas method.The latter is more commonly used.The pressurized solution water can be the whole or part of the water treated, or it can be the backflow water of the outlet of the gas tank.

Air flotation pool normally will be used in design process of the rectangle, flat products or the bottom of the cone, equipment will be slightly higher than the bottom outlet pipe position, equipment on the surface of the water with mud scraper and mud tank.Because the particles with bubbles float fast, the gas pool is small, and the current stops for just over 10 minutes.

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