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The basic understanding of the release of the release device and the dissolving gas release device

【 summary 】 to release the knowledge and understanding of, the following will continue, because we are all familiar with it, haven't reached a comprehensive and specific, so it is necessary to carry out.Moreover, I hope that through the following knowledge and this article, we will make progress and development on the road of learning, so that we can speed up and meet the standards as soon as possible.

1. What is the reason for the plasma energy release, if it doesn't power?In addition, electrostatic releaser, is it connected to the main grounding network?

Plasma energy release, if its not electricity, so, in the concrete reasons of search, you can use the multimeter, circuit of measurement and search a judgment, so that the fault eliminate and solve, so, also can avoid the problem again.

Electrostatic releaser, which is connected to the ground, depends on the situation.If it is integrated grounding, then it is possible to connect to the system and to separate the connection.

2. Where is the dissolved air release device mainly used?In addition, how should choose type?

The dissolvent release device, which is mainly used in the pressure-soluble water purification system, is a key and important device.Because the pressure dissolved gas water can release a large number of microbubbles only after the release of the decompression of the release device, otherwise, it can't carry out its air float work.The selection of it is mainly to see what the requirements are and how the water quality is.Therefore, please refer to the water supply and drainage manual or gas float design book to have the correct choice.

3. How should the installation of the gas release release be carried out?

The installation of the dissolved air release, its in general, are as follows: before debugging the water, first of all, is to use compressed air, or high pressure water pipe and dissolved gas purging and cleaning repeatedly, until clean, and no residue.After that, the solver can be installed, otherwise it cannot be installed.

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