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Application of air float application and wastewater treatment

Air bearing has the characteristics of large amount of sewage treatment, even there is a lot of water are also still can be treated timely, the advantage of gas floating is the actual energy saving effect is good, and the overall operating cost is very low, nature is the enterprise can adapt to a lot of the normal use, modern enterprise itself is also need this approach to help companies such as energy saving, environmental protection requirements. 


Floating mainly USES the highly dispersed micro bubbles as a carrier to adhere to suspended solids in waste water, this will make its density to a certain extent is smaller than water and float to the surface, to some extent, it will realize the solid-liquid separation process. 


Air flotation can be effectively used in the water, solid and liquid, and solid and solid liquid and liquid and the solute in the ion separation, air flotation, as a kind of high efficient and rapid solid-liquid separation technology, this technology has the attention of scholars both at home and abroad in the field of water treatment and developing rapidly, has now is widely used in water supply, especially for low temperature and low turbidity, rich algae water purification treatment, and urban sewage and all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment. 


Floating in the size of the bubbles in a certain extent can directly influence the effect of air floatation, the size of the bubbles in the equipment and water purification effect of quantitative relationship, the general view of the traditional big bubble is to reduce the efficiency of air flotation, and interferes with floating layer and gets to the turbidity of water increases, actually this is not the case.

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