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The tv-type releaser USES the instructions and gravity - type releaser

1.TV releaser, which is on the material?And what are the guidelines for its use?

The TV type release device, which is a specific model of the dissolved air release device, is generally copper and stainless steel in the material.As for its use, the following are:

(1) in this release, the gap between the spring and the fixed disk should be kept in place so that the unit can be integrated and have good effect.

(2) in order to let the dissolved air can have a uniform water release, and the ability to work, in its installation position, we will strictly in accordance with the specified requirements, not a little careless, otherwise, cannot have the effect, moreover, is there will be a problem.

(3) in the TV releaser, the corrosion resistant rubber and the main pipe used to fix the compressed air, as well as its branch, can not be loosened at the junction, so as to avoid leakage problems.And it should be able to withstand a certain amount of pressure.In addition, the ventilation and discharge valve shall be fixed to facilitate operation.

2. Acoustic release, what kind of releaser is it?In addition, gravity releaser, what parts do you have?

Release, it is one of the release, it from a professional standpoint, is through the ship instruction of the pulse signal, to underwater equipment, etc., and anchor block from or to float above the bottom of the sea, in order to recycle a device.

Gravity releaser, which USES the object's own gravity to put objects in a release in the desired area, so it can be used in deep-sea operations.And this kind of release device, in the composition, mainly has fixed plate, the pin seat and the short axis, and the outer rod and so on these parts, all are very important, is indispensable.


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