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Sludge handling and maintenance operations

The application range of the scraper is very wide. Such equipment can be directly used in urban sewage treatment work, and can also be used for installation in tap water manufacturers. The mud scraping equipment can carry out sludge in the tank during operation. The treatment can also eliminate excess debris, and the spiral design method is adopted in the preparation of the scraping device, so that the scraper can walk in the river during work and treat the surrounding sludge. The working principle of the device is very simple, and there is no high requirement for the environment, so it has been widely developed and recognized after the launch.


During the use of the scraper, it is not possible to rely on the scraper to treat the sludge in the water, or to rely on other auxiliary devices to complete the sewage treatment process, so that the scraping device can achieve higher working efficiency than the conventional processing equipment. It is also more stable and reliable during operation.


At present, the design method adopted by the scraper is very unique, but the equipment is not heavy, which can alleviate a lot of operation burden, the working strength of the equipment is guaranteed, and no subsequent maintenance and maintenance operations are required, and the application cost is relatively low. . The scraping equipment produced and produced has been greatly improved in terms of construction, so it can be found that the screw device in the scraping device is more stable during operation, and can also walk directly in the river channel, and is not used in the process of sewage treatment. Worried that the environment is not suitable and can not be used, this kind of equipment has lower requirements on the environment of the river, so it is more in line with practical application requirements.

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