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Sludge removal and reliable operation of the peripheral transmission scraper

In the process of operation, the peripheral transmission scraper mainly uses the liquid level difference self-suction type sludge, and during the operation, the scum scraping and excluding device and the overload protection device can be used, and according to its The user's requirements control system can be directly networked with the microcomputer.

The sewage from the peripheral transmission scraper directly spreads from the inlet pipe in the center of the pool through its diversion pipe, and after a certain degree of evenness, it shows its radiation state to the periphery and then flows out. The suspended sludge will effectively pass through it. After sedimentation, it is deposited on the bottom of the pool. The supernatant is discharged from the discharge trough through the overflow weir. The sludge scraper scrapes from the pool to the center and collects the mud trough. The water pressure in the pool discharges the water through the mud discharge pipe.

The peripheral transmission scraper uses its cycloid reducer and worm gear box drive during operation, and has large transmission torque and good stability during operation. The installation of the entire device is very convenient and simple in maintenance, and will be to some extent Torque protection, work is very reliable.

Peripheral drive mud scraper has complete mud discharge and complete specifications. The entire equipment adopts its drive shaft-mounted gear motor and active roller direct drive, with compact structure, high mechanical efficiency, parallel misalignment line scraper, and good continuity. The mud collection efficiency is high. The mud scraper rubber plate at the bottom of the stainless steel scraper ensures that the scraping mud is completely clean and there is no floating mud phenomenon.

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