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Structural design features and functional advantages of the scraper

The scraper is mainly used for the air-floating floating scraper, and can also be used for scraping oil in the scraping tank of the petrochemical industry. The power of the scraper is geared down, and the chain travel speed is 1.8m/min-0.8m/min. The material can be customized according to user requirements. The small scraper uses B-chain and the large scraper uses plate sprocket.


The slag scraper adopts the truss structure, the design considers the stability of the scraper operation, and is easy to overhaul and manage; the drive mechanism adopts the long axis concentrated form of the two ends of the shaft, two sets of wheels, one set is the drive wheel, one The group is a driven wheel. At the same time, the scraper also has a separate flap mechanism, which uses a pusher flap.


The driving and scraping of each scraper uses two independent driving mechanisms, which are alternately operated by electrical control. Compared with similar equipment, it has a wide range of application, and is not subject to excessive particles and specific gravity in water. Great restrictions.


In addition, the number of slag discharges of the scraper can be determined by the amount of slag, and automatic control is implemented; the transmission parts are set on the road for convenient maintenance; when returning, the scraper is collected and the mud is not disturbed. It is an ideal equipment for slag discharge in rectangular sedimentation tanks in sewage treatment and has been widely used in the domestic

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