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Technical performance and water purification method of dissolved gas releaser

It is a new water treatment technology to some extent, and its products have been widely used in our country and many advanced industrial countries, so the new method of water purification is mainly to direct the release of a large number of fine bubbles from the water of pressure vessel into the water to be treated. The floating force of bubbles adhered to solid impurities can be used to achieve fast separation of solid and liquid and improve the concentration of scum.

In a certain extent, the release of gas release device is the key device in the air flotation system of pressure ventilation. The pressure dissolved gas water can only release a large number of fine bubbles when it is operated by the device, so that the performance of the release device is well or bad, which involves the amount of bubble release and the micro degree of the bubble. And the bubble size distribution law, it directly affects the effect of flotation in water and power consumption.

The dissolved gas releaser has been developed to some extent by combining with the principle of vibration. It absorbs the excellent properties of TS and TJ type dissolved gas releaser to a certain extent, and also improves the distribution uniformity of release effluent. The probability of collision and adhesion between microbubbles and impurities in the treated water is increased, so as to further improve the effect of air flotation and water purification.

Technical performance of dissolved gas releaser

1. under the low pressure of 0.20MPa, it is able to work effectively.

2. the average diameter of the bubble is only 20~30 microns.

3.The gas release rate is up to 99%.

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