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The advantages and applications of vortex air flotation machine

Cavitation flotation machine in the process of operation for its different waste water in adding its appropriate flocculant and coagulant grease removal rate of more than 95%, cavitation flotation suspended solids removal rate of 90% or more , The pretreated sewage flows into a small aeration section with a vortex aerator, the sewage is fully mixed with the microbubbles produced by the aerator through the aeration section during the rising process, and the aerator pumps the air on the water surface through the ventilation Pipe transferred to underwater.

Vortex flotation machine advantages

This system has the advantages of low energy consumption, high efficiency, economical operation, easy operation, low maintenance cost, low investment cost and floor area, with 85% of COD and BOD removal rate and over 90% of SS removal rate Small advantages.

1. The original water volume, water quality changes have a strong adaptability.

2. Save investment: The air flotation machine without pressure vessels, air compressors, circulating pumps and jet and other equipment, thereby greatly reducing the investment.

3. Affordable: The flotation structure is simple, with the supporting construction works rarely, equipment installed on the ground, underground or high, Q = 200m3 / h cavitation flotation (CAF) equipment covers an area Only 36.15m2.

4. Low operating costs: The gas floating machine is very easy to operate, less power required, easy operation and maintenance, without more labor, reducing labor costs and maintenance costs.

5. High efficiency: The air flotation machine will automatically and continuously remove the sludge from the wastewater, the sludge moisture content is low, reducing the sludge treatment costs.

6. Treatment effect is remarkable: oil, solid suspended solids (SS) removal rate of more than 80%. BOD and COD removal rate of up to 60%. Dissolved air flotation (DAF) system of BOD and COD removal rate of only about 35%. Can promote the oxidation of sulfide, reducing the sulfur content of sewage.

7 to reduce the odor: The flotation equipment for wastewater treatment process is an aerobic process, the odor of sludge has been effectively resolved.

Cavitation flotation machine range of applications

Cavitation flotation machine is widely used in papermaking, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, oil refining, starch, food and other industries of industrial wastewater and urban sewage treatment. The cylinder with the position sensor inside activates this eccentricity.

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