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The application of the release device and its application characteristics

The releaser is improved, and the backwashing is not easy to block; there is a retractable reed in the working position, and the reed is in the working position during normal operation. For example, when the impurities in the water are blocked and the normal outgassing is affected, the gate after the ejector can be opened to make the ejector work. At this time, a negative pressure is generated in the vacuum tube, and the reed is pulled up, so The passage of the water flow is large, and the impurities are discharged, and the shutter is closed, so that the reed can be reset and then work normally.


The release device is a key device in the dissolved air flotation water purification system. The pressure dissolved gas can only release a large amount of fine bubbles after the device is depressurized and depleted by the device, and the performance of the release device relates to the fineness of the bubble. It directly affects the effect of air flotation. this


The release device is suitable for flotation treatment containing sewage, and is released by pressure through a matching container mixing tank, and the discharged sewage forms a micro-bubble of 10-200 micrometers dissolved in water to reduce the specific gravity of the water, and these bubbles form a carrier to grease The suspension with the particle suspension is carried out to achieve the purpose of suspension purification.


The large diameter release and high-efficiency energy mixing of the releaser achieves optimal release and improves flotation efficiency. The average diameter of the bubbles is 10-30 microns, which improves water quality. In addition, the adjustable gap adjustment structure can meet the design load up to 1.5 times, and the pressure strength of the components used meets the maximum

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