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The characteristics of dissolved air flotation and the requirements of sewage treatment system

Dissolved air flotation in the use of the main use of water at different pressures under different solubility characteristics of the product under pressure or negative pressure conditions will make the water to produce its micro-bubbles, dissolved gas floating to a certain extent effective The replacement of the traditional air-conditioning equipment to the air bleed air process.

Dissolved air flotation is mainly used in the sewage treatment system, the algae has a miraculous, is a new breakthrough in the sewage treatment system, at work by the air compressor to the air tank in the air through the jet device was brought into Dissolved gas tank, at 0.35Mpa pressure was forced to dissolve in water, the formation of dissolved water, sent to the air floating tank.

Cavitation air floatation machine

Dissolved air flotation in the case of sudden release, the dissolved air in the water precipitation, which will directly form a large number of its micro-bubble group, with the pumped and after the dosing is flocculated in the sewage of suspended solids Contact, and in the process of slow rise in the adsorption of suspended solids, so that the density decreased and float to the surface, to remove the purpose of SS and CODcr.

Dissolved air flotation buoy, in the production is mainly by the circular steel structure, is the main body of the sewage treatment machine and the core of the equipment is mainly by the distributor, sewage pipes, outlet pipes, Sludge tank scraper system and other components, the release of the central location in the air flotation machine, is the production of micro-bubble key components.

The dissolved gas in the dissolved gas tank is mixed with the waste water, suddenly released, resulting in severe agitation and eddy currents, forming microbubbles with a diameter of about 20-80um, so that the flocs that adhere to the water rise and the water Completely separated. The distributor is a tapered structure, connected to the release device, the main role is to separate the clear water and sludge are distributed in the tank.

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