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The effect of the truck-type scraper technology upgrade is very good

The driving-scraper technology needs to be upgraded because the previously used road-scraping mud scraper is prone to pump body vibration, bearing damage, shaft breakage, keyway wear, impeller wear, mechanical seal wear, etc. during use. Faults, causing frequent equipment failures, overhaul, affect the return.


After the technical upgrade of the road scraper, the above problems can be effectively solved:


After the technical upgrade of the vehicle-type scraper, regarding the driving part, a stopper is installed on the side of the rail without a limit stop, and 2 stroke switches are installed on the vehicle, using the strong programming function of the PLC. It is to ensure that the trip switch first hits the stopper side and the motor stops. When the other side also touches the corresponding stopper, the two motors reverse at the same time, and the driving begins to return.


In this way, the driving type scraper will make a parallel calibration at the end of each trip when it is in use. At the same time, overtravel protection was also added to prevent damage to the track due to long skid at the track seam. After the transformation, the sensitivity and reliability are improved, and the commutation is accurate and timely.


After the technical upgrading of the road scraper, the accuracy and flatness of the track are adjusted, welding and grinding of the rails are reduced, the gap between the track seams is reduced, and slipping and jamming are reduced. Adjust the precision of the travel axle, replace the wear axle, and increase the coaxiality of the axles. Add a pressure sprocket to its reducer chain, adjust the tension, increase the synchronization rate, and timely replace the chain.


After the technical upgrade of the road-type scraper, the installation of the pump pipe is shock-susceptible, which reduces wear and tear during use; in order to reduce the failure rate, the dredging pump can be retrofitted directly after the technical upgrading of the dredging scraper. It became a submersible sewage pump, which improved the good rate of the road-type scraper equipment and ensured that the return flow works normally. And when it is actually used, the electric power can save 380kW.h per day, 0.6 yuan per kilowatt hour, can save electricity 4560kW.h, and save about 2736 yuan.

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