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The form and use efficiency of the sludge scraper

In the process of operation, the chain scraper type sludge scraper is mainly equipped with a scraper at a certain distance between the two main chains, and the two equal number of chains are connected into a closed ring, and the driving device drives the active.The sprocket rotates, the chain slowly rotates under the support of the guiding sprocket and the guide rail, and drives the scraper to move. The scraper scrapes the deposited sludge at the bottom of the pool into the sludge bucket at the end of the pool, and the scraper on the surface of the water surface will float. Slag is introduced into the slag tank.


The brake scraper is generally installed on a rectangular advection sedimentation tank. During the reciprocating process, each operation cycle includes a working stroke and a non-working return stroke. The advantage is that in the working stroke, only the scraping board and the scum scraper are effectively immersed in the water, and the water surface is proposed in the whole machine during the return stroke, which brings great convenience to the maintenance; due to the scraping and The scraping slag is pushed on the front side, so the sludge stays at the bottom of the pool for a short period of time, and the scraper has high working efficiency.

Rotary sludge scrapers and concentrators for use in radial flow sedimentation tanks and round sludge concentration, to the extent that they have the function of scraping mud and preventing sludge compaction. It effectively utilizes a plurality of longitudinal grid bars to agitate the sludge in the pool for promoting mud water

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