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The function and effect of the releaser

The release device is a mature water treatment device. The water treatment device system is composed of a pressure dissolved gas tank, a scraper, a release device and the like. The working process is to introduce a large number of fine bubbles released from the pressurized dissolved air. In the treatment water, the floating force of the bubbles adhered to the solid impurities is used to achieve rapid separation of solid and liquid, and to increase the concentration of the scum.


The presence of the release device increases the probability of the microbubbles colliding with the impurities in the water to be treated, thereby further improving the air purifying water purification effect. As a key device in the dissolved air flotation system, the pressurized dissolved water can only generate a large amount of fine bubbles in the water after the device is depressurized and depleted by the device. It has stable performance, long service life and low price.


During the use of the release device, it can automatically avoid clogging, facilitate operation, reduce labor intensity, overcome the troubles caused by the cessation of clogging of other equipment caused by air flotation equipment, venting and cleaning; the air-floating efficiency is more than doubled; The dissolved water residence time is greater than 5 minutes to ensure that the solid-liquid separation is at its best.

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