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The function of shallow air float and the requirement of drainage.

The role of shallow air float:

We can use the centralized or decentralized method to control the shallow air float, so that he can achieve the best state. His solid-liquid separation is also important when we are dealing with a shallow gas float. Because of this, the shallow air float is also very useful when the suspension particles are removed.

The shallow gas float can be used to purify water in sewage and industrial wastewater. A shallow gas float allows him to recycle useful material in sewage, such as paper, fiber, and so on. He was able to remove algae from the lake water and, of course, he was able to process it in industry.

The related requirements of shallow gas float in drainage time:

Shallow gas floating machine in the process of running can effectively use the small bubbles and tiny bubbles of medium surface impurities, shallow air flotation machine for water contains some close to the water, a small proportion of the weight of difficult to sink or rise also will note to use this air flotation device. Air flotation machine equipment at present in terms of drainage, equipment pretreatment of water quality, apart from some sand more raw water of water and wastewater containing heavy mechanical impurities, most of its are lightweight suspended particles, such as the plant residues in the reservoir or a lake, etc.

Shallow air flotation machine for the raw water, in the process of processing will also use the traditional precipitation method, its use effect will be more bad, especially under the condition of low temperature in winter, the equipment will be because of coagulation and hydraulic conditions become worse, treatment effect is more difficult to guarantee.

Shallow air flotation machine for use in the process of air flotation technology of gravity sedimentation method is a very significant reforms, in the process of using, can also be effective to develop the new field of solid-liquid separation technology and equipment of the dissolved gas due time, the micro air bubble is the area of will and is inversely proportional to the square of the diameter.

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