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The function of the two major components of the dissolved gas system

The dissolved gas system can be easily divided into two parts, a dissolved gas release system and an air flotation separation system. For the dissolved gas release system, the release device is the key device of the system, and its size, distribution and pair of bubble formation Air floatation and water purification effects and operating costs have a significant impact. The release efficiency of the currently used releaser is up to 99.2%.


The study believes that the release law of dissolved gas in the decompression and energy dissipation is different from the state of the bubble in still water; the appearance of large bubbles at low pressure is attributed to the poor release of the release device. In addition to releasing a large number of stable tiny bubbles, the key is how to prevent clogging. The choice of dissolved gas release should be based on the quality of the oily wastewater, treatment process and releaser performance.


The function of the air flotation separation system is to ensure a certain volume to complete the thorough mixing, contact, adhesion of the microbubble group and the impurities in the water, and the separation of the aerated floc and the clean water. In order to improve the treatment effect of the dissolved gas system, a coagulant or an air flotation agent is often added to the waste water, and the dosage varies depending on the water quality, and is generally determined by

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