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The main features and advantages of the scraper

The scraper uses its central transmission when it is operated. The sewage is diffused from the inlet pipe into the guide tube and flows out uniformly to the periphery. The suspended sludge is deposited and deposited at the bottom of the tank. Drive the center vertical frame to rotate, and drive the scraper arm and the scraper to rotate. The scraper scrapes the sludge and is sucked by the suction pipe to the central mud tank by the static water pressure in the pool, and then discharged out of the pool through the center drain pipe. The scum on the water surface is introduced into the slag discharge tank through the rotary slag slag device.

The main features of the scraper

1. The working bridge of the scraper can be half-bridge type, and its material can be directly made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

2. The driving device is mainly composed of a combination of helical gear reducer and worm gear reducer to ensure output torque and speed, and the transmission effect is high;

3. It is equipped with mechanical and electrical double overload protection devices, which are safe and reliable in operation;

4. Each suction pipe self-forming unit can adjust the flow rate through the opening degree of the suction pipe nozzle to control the sludge return ratio;

5, the device is easy to operate, can directly control the operation of the device locally / remotely.

6. Once the operation is improper or accident occurs, when the load of the squeegee scrap exceeds the allowable safety value, the control system can alarm in time, stop and lift the squeegee off the mud layer to ensure the safety of the stirring transmission.

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