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The main features and functions of the center drive suspended scraper

In the process of operation, the center drive suspended scraper mainly uses its center drive, vertical rack type, sewage into the surrounding water distribution tank, and it will effectively flow into the pool through the water distribution hole at the bottom of the tank. Under the action of the surrounding water stop skirt, the water flows from the bottom of the pool to the center, and the sludge is deposited on the bottom of the pool by its own weight to form a muddy water separation. The driving device drives the center vertical frame to rotate, and drives the scraper arm and the suction pipe to rotate in the still water. Under the effect of pressure, the sludge evenly enters the suction port arranged on the suction pipe, and then discharges out of the tank through the sleeve valve of the drainage well through the center mud discharge pipe. The size of the mud discharge can be controlled by the rise and fall of the sleeve valve. The scum is raked into the pool by the slagging device and then scraped by the slag scraper into the discharge tank of the slagging hopper; the supernatant is discharged through the triangular water outlet sampan plate and discharged into the discharge tank.


Main features of center drive suspended scraper

1. The inlet and outlet flumes around the sedimentation tank of the center drive suspended scraper are mainly designed with an edge section, which ensures uniform water distribution and outflow around the sedimentation tank.

2. The drive unit of the center drive suspended scraper uses its combination of a helical gear reducer and a worm gear reducer, which can effectively ensure the output torque and speed, and has a high transmission effect. The overdrive torque protection device is installed in the reducer. , safe and reliable operation.

3. The center drive suspended scraper mud suction pipe is a horizontal perforated pipe to drain mud, which does not interfere with the gravity flow in the tank and ensures the stability of the water discharge.

4. The suction hole on the conical suction pipe is uniquely designed, with variable hole spacing, from the inside to the outside, from small to large, to ensure a balanced suction on the bottom of the tank, increase the concentration of suction, and save sludge return power.

5. The equipment is easy to operate and can directly operate the equipment locally/remotely.


 Center Drive Suspended Scraper Function

Sewage is diffused from the inlet pipe in the center of the tank through the diffuser, and evenly spreads radially to the surroundings. The suspended sludge is deposited at the bottom of the tank after sedimentation. The supernatant passes through the overflow weir and flows out of the discharge basin. In addition, the sludge scraper scrapes from the pool to the center and collects sludge. The water pressure in the pool discharges out of the pool through the mud discharge pipe. The main girder is driven by the peripheral driving device, and the central rotating bearing is used as the axis to drive along the pool top at a line speed of 2.0m/min. The lower part of the main beam is connected with a bracket, mud scraper and the like. A scum scraper is installed near the liquid surface and extends along the center stabilizer to the hinge scraper. When the main girder rotates, the dross scraper scoops the scum on the liquid surface from the center of the pool toward the pool and collects in the hinged type. In the slag scrap area, the collected scum moves along with the host to the slag bucket in the pool and is scraped into the slag bucket by the scraping hinge action and discharged to the outside of the pool.

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