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The main performance and mud scraping process of semi-bridge peripheral transmission scraper

The half-bridge type peripheral drive scraper is mainly used for the mud scraping process of the circular sedimentation tank when it is in use, and uses the middle water inflow and sludge discharge and the surrounding drainage, so that it can effectively guarantee its degree to a certain extent. The water flow is even, and to a certain extent, the liquid level difference self-priming sludge will be used, and the scum scraping elimination device and the overload protection device will be used. Sewage is diffused from the inlet pipe in the center of the tank through the diffuser, and evenly spreads radially to the surroundings. The suspended sludge is deposited at the bottom of the tank after sedimentation. The supernatant passes through the overflow weir and flows out of the discharge basin. In addition, the sludge scraper scrapes from the pool to the center and collects sludge. The water pressure in the pool discharges out of the pool through the mud discharge pipe.


The main beam of the half-bridge type peripheral drive scraper will be driven to a certain extent by the peripheral driving device. When operating, the central rotating bearing will be used as the axis to drive along the top of the pool at 2.0m/min line speed. , The main beam under the connection bracket, sludge scraper and so on. A scum scraper is installed near the liquid surface and extends along the center stabilizer to the hinge scraper. When the main girder rotates, the dross scraper scoops the scum on the liquid surface from the center of the pool toward the pool and collects in the hinged type. In the slag scrap area, the collected scum moves along with the host to the slag bucket in the pool and is scraped into the slag bucket by the scraping hinge action and discharged to the outside of the pool.


The main performance of half-bridge peripheral drive scraper

1. The bottom of the tank is scraping mud and the water surface is slagging. The drive device adopts a shaft-mounted gear motor and an active roller direct drive, which has a compact structure and high mechanical efficiency.

2. Parallel misalignment line scraper, when it is used, it has good continuity and high efficiency of collecting mud. Scrape rubber board is installed under the stainless steel scraper to ensure that the scraping mud is completely clean and no floating mud will occur.

3. The slope ratio of the bottom of the pool is 1:10. Sludge resistance is negligible when scraping mud. Special hinged support structure has strong overload capacity.

4. The main beam is made of square steel and has strong structural strength. After the hot-dip galvanizing, the top-coat paint is applied and the anti-corrosion performance is strong.

5. Easy to operate, remote control can be achieved.

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