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The main structure and flow direction of the driving mud scraper

The mud scraper of driving in the process of operating flat sedimentation basin is mainly suitable for water supply and drainage engineering, in use will be set to set scraping the mud sedimentation on the bottom of the sludge tank, and its effective scum on the surface of the pool to the slag skimming tank. Scum scraper can be set according to user's requirement.

Driving mud scraper at run time, according to the direction of the flow in a certain extent, can be divided into the reverse scraping mud reverse and synthetic slag discharge mode, the device at run time when not scraping mud return the scraping mud rake up all. When you return to the starting position of the mud scraper, the mud scraper falls down, so that the work is repeated over and over again.

The main structure of the driving mud scraper.

The mud scraper of driving in the production process of the main transmission device installed in the wheel bracket, when they operate due to its asynchronous induction motor, frame, cycloidal reducer parts, such as when making use of the gear transmission with high efficiency, low noise, large torque and smooth operation and other advantages.

It is safe to shear pin in the shaft sprocket of the speed reducer, so that it can realize its mechanical overload protection function to some extent. The output torque of the motor speed reducer with enough, its rated torque is greater than 1.25 times of scraper scraping mud torque, and set the scraper and bottom up and regulating mechanism, in order to control the scraper and the distance from the bottom, and the adjusting range of 0 to 50 mm.

The mud scraper of driving in the process of running the actuator is not up and down adjustment after install, mainly by qi transmission gear transmission, requirement compact gear assembly clearance even no noise phenomenon. The mud scraper and the walking motor are required to operate without interference. Grease holes are left in each lubrication part.

Driving mud scraper of walking in the operation of the motor, at the bottom of the mud scraper at runtime will be equipped with underwater walking wheel structure, so that you can to a certain extent to ensure the smooth running, walking two motor adopts synchronous motor, thus ensuring the smooth walk on both sides of the agreement.

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