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The management of the dissolved gas system is simple and easy to control

The air flotation machine is a dissolved air system that generates a large number of fine bubbles in the water, so that the air adheres to the suspended particles in the form of highly dispersed microbubbles, resulting in a state of density lower than that of water, and floating on the water surface by the principle of buoyancy, thereby achieving solidification. - Water separation equipment for liquid separation. The air flotation machine is divided into super-efficient shallow air flotation machine, vortex air flotation machine and advection air flotation machine. It is currently used in water supply, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater treatment. The advantage of the air flotation machine is that its solid-liquid separation equipment has the characteristics of low investment, extremely small ground, high degree of automation and convenient operation and management.


The dissolved gas system produces small bubbles, the particle size is 20-40um, the adherent floc is firm, can achieve good air floatation effect, the flocculant is used less, the cost is reduced, the operation rules are easy to grasp, the water quality and quantity are easy to control, and the management is simple. With a backwash system, the release is not easily blocked.


The dissolved air in the water is released from the water to form 20-40um tiny fine bubbles. The microbubbles combine with the suspended matter in the sewage to make the suspended solids smaller than water and gradually float to the surface to form dross. A scraper system is provided on the water surface to scrape the scum into the sludge tank. Clear water enters the clear water pool from the lower part through the overflow trough.

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