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The necessity of using the dispenser for the tanker and the standard for explosion protection

To the release, I believe we can come to have a new understanding, through the following learning, and, also in their learning path on the progress and development, so as to complete the work as soon as possible, and then, so that their benefit from , And enhance the use of the release effect.


1. On the tanker, why should there be an electrostatic discharge device? And how does it connect?

The purpose of the use of electrostatic discharge on the tanker is to avoid accidents or hazards such as fires caused by sparks. Therefore, this kind of release device will be used for preventive treatment. As for the connection, it is very simple, one end is connected to the fixed point on the tanker, the other end is connected to the gas station on the ground point.

2. Do you want to check the release in the self-test of the fire door?

Fire door self-inspection work is included in the release of the inspection of this one, the main thing is to check the fire door on the release of the device is sensitive and reliable. So, on this question, the answer is yes. Moreover, in addition to this one, there are other work, for example, check the fire door is closed, and, after the fire door closed, its sealing is good.

3.SYR-03 intelligent explosion-proof body electrostatic discharge device, which should refer to and implement the standard?

SYR-03 intelligent explosion-proof human body electrostatic discharge device, which is one of the release, is the release of this category. And in its reference and implementation standards, is B50074-2002 "oil depot design specifications" and GB12158-2006 "to prevent static accident general guide" these two. And, are very important, so, can not be underestimated.

On the release, the above is for some of its specific types, raised the relevant issues, and conducted a explanation and answer so that we can learn the content, and thus, can be further familiar with and understand it, and at the same time, increase their expertise in this area , So that the knowledge can be achieved in order to achieve flexible use.

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