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The operation process and wastewater treatment technology of vortex gas float

Vortex concave air flotation machine for use in the process is an excellent sewage treatment technology, in the process of design is very reasonable and easy to operate, vortex concave air floating machine running economy, equipment is produced by the air bubbles, it will directly to remove the suspended solids, colloidal material from waste water and grease and other impurities. 

Eddy concave in air flotation machine can be injected directly into the sewage, do not need to be dissolved gas in advance, and then effectively through the perforated impeller "micro bubbles" uniform distribution in wastewater, so the equipment is not going to happen in the process of the whole operation of the blocking phenomenon. 

Eddy concave air floatation machine in the process of made mainly by scraping mud system, aerator, and case, etc, in the use process does not need the pressure vessel and circulating pump, air compressor equipment, untreated sewage into the aeration zone, first mix with micro bubbles.

Vortex concave air floatation machine in the micro bubbles will be effective in the process of rise of its solid suspended matter brought to the surface, the scraping mud opportunity effectively run along the surface of the suspended solids to tilt on the metal plate, and then pushes it into the sludge discharge pipe groove, through the sludge discharge pipe groove into the sludge collector, scraping mud move only 0.5 KW. 

Vortex concave air floatation machine of sewage purification before emissions will be after a ramp at the bottom of the overflow groove, the overflow tank is used to control air floatation tank water level, ensure the liquid will not flow into the sludge discharge pipe, tank open throat flow pipe from aeration period of stretching across the bottom of the air floatation tank. 

Eddy concave air floatation machine in producing micro air bubble at the same time, the vortex concave aeration has the opportunity to return line of bottom to form a negative pressure zone, the negative pressure effect will make the waste water from the bottom of the pool back into the aeration zone, and then return air flotation segment.This process ensures that the air float continues without the flow.

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