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The principle of Air floatation equipment for degreasing

The Air floatation equipment is a kind of equipment for liquid-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation, convenient operation and management, and the obtained process for degreasing. The principle is also quite reasonable, so it will be applied to the petroleum industry. Before the Air floatation equipment is degreased, the oily sewage is subjected to pressure treatment, and then enters the water jet nozzle at a higher speed.


Then, after the further processing of the reducer is accelerated, the floating oil, the dispersed oil, and the suspended particles in the water, which are contained in the sewage in the range of 0.25 to 25 μm, can be adsorbed on the bubbles, and then together with the bubbles. Rise up to the surface and recycle it.


In fact, Air floatation mainly produces a lot of microbubbles in the water by means of jet flow. Typically, the diameter of these bubbles is substantially in the range of 20 to 30 μm. A negative pressure is formed in the suction chamber to draw in air, and then the air and water are thoroughly mixed in the mixing section, and then decelerated in the diffusion section to enter the dissolved gas tank, thereby achieving the purpose of degreasing.


In general, in the process of dealing with this type of oily sewage, technology is considered to be a more advanced and energy-efficient treatment technology. The reason why the Air floatation equipment can remove the oil is mainly in the oily sewage, by introducing a certain amount of air, so as to generate some micro-bubbles in the water; in some cases, we can also add a certain amount of flotation agent or mix.

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