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The release device types and number of use in the open fire-proof door

1. The release device in the open fire-proof door mainly has three types.

Electromagnetic trip release: it can also be called manual release device. When the door is open, it is necessary to manually insert the tripping into the electromagnetic release device. So that only when the fire disaster happens, the tripping can be released, and with the help of hydraulic door closer device, the fire-proof door will automatically be closed. Also, the trip reset is manual reset, not automatic reset.

Electromagnetic door suction release: it can be called automatic release device. The door's position, power-off release and reset are automatic. Moreover, it is very power saving. Therefore, it is generally used in the

fire-proof door in fire escape channel in buildings.

Electric closed door release device: it is an electromagnetic trip  closed-door device. There are a solenoid valve and a strong spring inside, so when you push the door, the compression spring and solenoid valve will lock. And when it is power on, the solenoid valve will release spring to close the fire-proof door.

2.In the double-open fire-proof door, we usually use two release devices, each for a door. It is usually installed on the other side of the door closer device.  Please refer to the professional technical manual to choose the correct type of air-dissolved release device in the air float. 


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