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The safe operation procedure and structure of the scraper

In the process of operation, the scraper will be provided with a fixed platform for the spanning pool. During operation, the whole machine load acts on the center of the working bridge, and the sewage flows through the center of the tank. As the flow area increases and the flow rate decreases, the sediment in the sewage settles at the bottom of the tank. The scraper scrapes the precipitated sludge into the central mud pit and discharges it from the sludge pipe by water pressure.

The whole equipment of the scraper is simple in structure, stable in transmission and low in power consumption. It has good mud scraping effect when used. It is an ideal mud discharging device, which is widely used in waterworks, urban sewage treatment plants and other places to eliminate settlement. Sludge at the bottom of the pool and remove scum from the pool surface.

Safety procedures for scrapers

1. Before starting, you must check whether the power is turned on, and whether the transmission parts have been refueled.

2. Start and stop scraping or suctioning according to the button of the scraper and suction machine.

3. Check frequently, if the temperature rise of the operating part is too high, stop it immediately and report it to the competent department.

4. Always check the fastening of each part and tighten it if it is loose.

5. Always check the slag discharge situation of the slag discharge slag. If the slagging situation is not good, please ask the relevant personnel to adjust the slag discharge distance.

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