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The safety operation procedures of the mud scraper are specific and important

Mud scraper for use in the process as an important equipment of the advection sediment basins, in the process of operating the automation has become a very important part of waterworks automatic control system, the operation of the mud scraper is normal, to a certain extent, is directly related to the advection sedimentation tank running effect, so it is necessary to how to efficiently implement simple suction dredge automation becomes the key.

What are the safety procedures of the mud scraper?

1. The mud scraper must carefully check whether the power supply is connected and whether the transmission parts have been refueled before starting.

2. To a certain extent, it is effective to start and stop the mud or dredge according to the button of the suction machine and the mud scraper.

3. The mud scraper to a certain extent, need to check as well as the temperature of the working parts, if too high, when operate to the competent authority shall immediately stop and reflect, behind the processing can be carried out.

4. The mud scraper often checks the fastening condition of each part, if it is loose, tighten immediately.

5. During the operation of the mud scraper, it is necessary to check the discharge conditions of the dregs frequently. If the discharge condition is not good, please ask the personnel concerned to adjust the distance of the slag plate.

6. Check the mud suction machine, the smoothness of the suction pipe, the gas volume of the gas pipe, and adjust to the good condition.

7. To complete the operation, the operation record must be carefully filled in. If there is any special case, please report it to the competent department in time.

The precautions during the mud scraper operation.

1. Whether the motor is running normally.

2. Whether the motor is overheating.

3. No abnormal sound.

4. Check whether the reducer is leaking oil and whether the air hole is smooth.

5. Whether the flat cable has card resistance phenomenon.

Scrape mud machine actuating device is mainly adopt the wheel drive shaft straight league gear and shaft mounted geared motor, the entire device of the advantages of compact structure and high mechanical efficiency, a long sector suction, suction pipe separate root line form system, no dead Angle, easy to control. The bottom of the mud scraper is flat, the civil engineering does not need to set the slope Angle, the mechanical and electrical double overload protection is set, the operation is safe and reliable.

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