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The sewage treatment and work efficiency of the air floatation machine

The air floatation machine is a water treatment equipment whose dissolved gas system produces a lot of microbubbles in the water, so that the air is attached to the suspended particles in the form of highly dispersed microbubbles. So the density is less than the water state, and the buoyancy principle is used to make it floating on the water surface, so as to realize the solid-liquid separation.

The air floatation machine is a good sewage treatment technology. The equipment in the design process is very reasonable and easy to operate. It generates air bubble by air, directly removing the suspended solids, grease, jelly and other impurities from the waste water.

The air floatation machine will inject the "microbubble" into the sewage directly without prior dissolution. The air floatation machine is mainly composed of the box body, aeration machine, mud scraper system and so on, without pressure dissolved gas, air compressor and circulating pump and other equipment. The air floatation machine is dissolved and over-saturated by gas and it is released in the air floatation tank to achieve the air floatation effect finally.

In the operation process, the air floatation machine needs to build a special pool. Its pool construction is shallow, effectively reduce the air floating time and improve work efficiency. The time can be shortened by half than the original phase, and the work efficiency is doubled. The dissolved gas tank of the equipment has undergone special improvement and technical upgrading, reducing the volume of the dissolved gas tank, and not reducing the dissolution effect.

The design of the air floatation machine adopts the continuous-running scoop-type mixer, which reduces the secondary sedimentation suspended substance in the maximum degree when the suspended substance is clear. Therefore, it can improve the clarity of the suspended substance. The water distribution is uniform, the water released directly rises, the rise is stable, basically no lateral flow, and the influence of the transverse flow on the floating is avoided.

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