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The sewage treatment technology and boot operation flow of the air flotation machine

In the operation process of the air flotation machine, the dissolved gas system produces a lot of micro bubbles in the water, so that the air is attached to the suspended particles in the form of highly dispersed micro air bubbles, resulting in the density less than the water state, and then the buoyancy principle is used to float the water on the surface to realize the solid-liquid separation.

Air flotation machine is a very good sewage treatment technology in the use. The equipment is very reasonable and easy to operate, and the entire equipment operating is economical. Mainly the bubbles generated by air, directly remove solid suspended solids, grease, glue and other impurities from the waste water. The air flotation machine will inject " micro - bubble" into the sewage directly without prior dissolution. 

The boot operation flow of the air flotation machine

1.In the process of operation, the air flotation machine should, first of all, add pulverized lime or alkali paper in the sewage tank, and then make full mixing of pulverized lime or alkali paper and the sewage water with the sewage pump. Use the pH test paper to test the pH value when used, pH = 8 - 9 is the best.

2.If the two drugs are stirred well, the dosage of aluminium polychlorid is about 15 kg per cube and the mixing time is 5 minutes. The polyacrylamide dosage is about 0. 5 kg per cube and stirred for 15 minutes. The dosage of various drugs is changed according to the cleanliness and experience of sewage, the principle is that the effluent is clear and transparent.

3.Switch on the main switch of the electric control cabinet and check whether the original electric apparatus is normal.

4.Check the lubrication of the mixing motor and water pump, add lubricant as appropriate.

5.In the process of opening the air flotation machine, it is necessary to open the high-pressure pump first, fully open the inlet valve and outlet valve. After the high-pressure pump running normally, slowly close the outlet valve, and observe the pressure gauge at any time, adjust the pressure between 0.35mpa and 0.45mpa. After the air flotation machine has been running many times, there is no need to adjust the inlet and outlet valves, just open the high-pressure pump.

6.After the high-pressure pump is opened, the pump must be operated normally for 5 minutes before the sewage pump is opened when milky liquid appears in the air flotation tank. At the same time, open the dosing pump of aluminium polychlorid and polyacrylamide, the opening degree of the dosing valve is adjusted according to experience, with clear and transparent effluent water as the best condition.

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