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The structure, characteristics and material requirements of the releaser.

Air flotation clean water act in a certain extent is a kind of mature water treatment technology, when making use of those processing system is composed of pressure vessel and release, machine parts, such as scraping slag in the process of work mainly is the pressure dissolved air water release a large number of tiny air bubbles into the water to be processed, using adhesion buoyancy bubbles on solid impurities, to achieve quick isolation of solid, liquid, and enhance the scum enrichment degree.

In the process of production, the release device mainly adopts the key device in the air flotation water purification system, which directly influences the effect of the water purification and the consumption of electricity. A new generation of TV dissolved air release, increase the release of water distribution uniformity, increases the micro air bubble collisions with pending impurities of the probability of adhesion, thus to further improve the effect of air floatation water purification. The release device is the key device of the pressure-dissolved air flotation system, and the pressure dissolved air water can produce a large number of microbubbles in the water only after the device has reduced pressure and energy dissipation. It has stable performance, long service life and cheap price.

The structure of the releaser.

1. Tj-type dissolved air release device: orifice - single hole chamber - disc - tongue spring - octagonal tube mouth.

2.TV type dissolved air release device: orifice - single hole chamber - up and down large parallel disk gap.

The characteristics of the releaser.

Release in the process of operate automatically to avoid congestion, is easy to operate, in the operation and reduce the labor intensity, to a certain extent, overcome the other type release air flotation equipment downtime due to easy to jam, emptying cleaning and trouble. Air float efficiency more than doubled. Release the dissolved gas water for more than 5 minutes to ensure that the solid-liquid separation is at its best. The release of dissolved air water also diffuses downward and around, and the contact area of large dissolved air water is characteristic.

1. Work effectively under pressure of 2 kg/cm 2.

2. The average diameter of the released bubbles is only 20 to 30 microns.

3. The release rate is over 99%.

The material of the releaser.

TJ type dissolved gas release material is carbon steel antisepsis. TV type dissolved gas release equipment is made of stainless steel and copper.

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