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The structure principle and internal circulation process of shallow air flotation

The main unit of the shallow air flotation machine refers to the separated part of the equipment, including the pool body, scum, collecting device, static circle, overflow regulating device, traveling frame, rotating inlet pipe, rotating cloth water structure and the like. The rotating portion of the mainframe includes an inlet, an outlet, and a sludge removal mechanism that rotates along the pool at a rate that coincides with the rate of water inflow with the spiral slag bucket.


The raw water of the shallow air flotation machine will enter from the rotating inlet pipe in the center of the pool. To some extent, by rotating a part of the water pipe, the moving speed of the water pipe and the inflow water flow rate are the same, thus creating a "zero speed". The application of the principle is the key to shallow air flotation machines. In this way, the water does not disturb the pool water, so that the suspension and sedimentation of the particles are carried out in a relatively static environment, thereby shortening the residence time. The spiral slag bucket in the scum collecting device has two movements of rotation and revolution, and the scum on the liquid surface is rotated, and the slag can cover the entire liquid surface.


The mixed liquid flowing into the shallow air flotation device enters the concrete tank, and after reacting with the coagulant to form flocs in the concrete tank, the micro air bubbles contained in the dissolved water formed by the dissolved air pump are performed in the central water inlet pipe. Contact and then enter the contact area of the shallow air flotation by rotating the water pipe. Under the condition that the water body is relatively stable, the microbubbles are mixed with the mixed liquid, and the biological flocs in the adsorption mixture float up, and after 15 to 25 s residence time, they quickly overflow into the separation zone along the direction of the deflector, in the shallow gas. In the separation zone of the pontoon, these tiny bubbles with a certain buoyancy continue to float. After 2 to 3 minutes, the biological flocs float up to the surface of the separation zone to achieve efficient separation.


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