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The use characteristics of dissolved air flotation and the role of buoyancy

Dissolved air flotation is mainly used in its sewage treatment system during the process of use. It is mainly a new effect on algae removal and is a new breakthrough in sewage treatment system. The dissolved air float is mainly sent to the air tank by the air compressor, and is taken into the dissolved gas tank through the jet device, and is forcibly dissolved in water under the pressure of 0.35 MPa to form dissolved water and sent to the air floating tank. In the case of sudden release, the air dissolved in the water is precipitated, forming a large number of microbubble groups, which are in full contact with the suspended matter in the sewage which is pumped and is being flocculated after the addition, and is adsorbed in the process of slowly rising. In the well-stacked suspension, the density is lowered and floated to the surface to achieve the purpose of removing SS and CODcr.


Dissolved air flotation mainly uses five patent core technologies such as microbubble generation, subsurface trapping, laminar flow principle, multi-stage sequencing batch coagulation, and scum circulation flocculation, which can efficiently separate suspended solids in sewage. Dissolved gas, sewage, and pharmacy in a specially designed multi-stage sequencing batch coagulation reactor, which produces a "bubble floc" suitable for air-floating specific gravity less than 1, into the air-floating contact zone, and acts in buoyancy Next, the "bubble body" rises to the liquid surface to form dross to complete the solid-liquid separation.

Characteristics of dissolved air flotation

1. Large processing capacity, high efficiency, and small footprint.

2. The process and equipment are simple in structure and easy to use and maintain.

3. Can eliminate sludge expansion.

4. Aeration in the air during air flotation has obvious effect on removing surfactant and odor in water, and at the same time, the aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water, which provides favorable conditions for subsequent treatment.

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