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The working mode of the traveling sludge scraper is very flexible

The working mode of the traveling sludge scraper is very flexible, users can according to their own needs to be set the scraper on sludge scraper , according to the direction of flow to distinguish, scraper can be divided into reverse scraping mud reverse discharge way and reverse scraping mud synthetic slag discharge.

During the working progress of traveling sludge scraper , scrapers will full up .When the equipment back to the initial position, scrapers will all fall, so the work could be repeated again and again.The equipment mainly consists of transmission device, drive shaft device and driven shaft device, adjusting device, bracket and electric control box.

The transmission device in traveling sludge scraper is installed in the vehicle frame bracket above, this kind of gear transmission efficiency is very high, the main characteristics of the device because of its torque is bigger, run time will be very smooth, also traveling sludge scraper at run time are low noise.

The transmission device of the traveling sludge scraper will not be adjusted up and down after installation. The equipment is mainly driven by the transmission gear.In the operation of the driving mud scraper and walking motor, it is not allowed to interfere with each other, so that there will be no mutual interference during the operation.The lubrication parts of the sludge scraper will be specially installed.

Finally, sludge scraper is actually a kind of equipment which can sort out silt from the river , it used for urban sewage treatment plants or water plant and the industrial waste water treatment of relatively large diameter circular tank, sludge scraper device application can be ruled out when settling at the bottom of the sludge and excluding scum on the surface of the pool.

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