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Treatment and Treatment Effect of Air Floatation in Pharmaceutical Wastewater

Air floatation is also known as the flotation method, in the use of waste water in its access to its large number of fine bubbles, so that it will adhere to the pollutants in the waste water because the adhesive density is less than water, effectively floating to Water to achieve solid - liquid or liquid - liquid separation of wastewater purification process.

Air turbines in the market there will be many different types of consumers in the process of buying must be clear that they need to use the scope of the general case is in the petrochemical processing of oily use more, in the The use of the process will have a lot of their own characteristics.

Air float from the effect of treatment point of view, the overall processing effect is very high, and compared to other processing methods faster, the deal is relatively clean, from this point of view can still get a lot of people Recognition, we recommend that enterprises in the choice of time is to see what is good, the overall process technology is also very high, naturally get a very business recognition and choice.

Air flotation method has the characteristics of large amount of sewage treatment, even in the process of using a lot of water can also be processed in a timely manner, the product in the actual use also has the advantage of saving, and the overall operating costs Is also very low, naturally can adapt to a lot of the normal use of enterprises, and can give the best evaluation, the modern enterprise itself is also the need for such treatment to help enterprises do energy saving, environmental protection and other requirements.

In the pharmaceutical wastewater flotation method can effectively deal with difficult biodegradable substances, toxic and hazardous substances. Pharmaceutical compounds such as antibiotics, halogen compounds, ether compounds, nitro compounds, thioethers and alum compounds, certain heterocyclic compounds and organic solvents are mostly biodegradable substances, such as those that reach a certain concentration After the microbial inhibition.

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