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Type classification and operation advantage of air flotation device

In the process of operation,air flotation device make the air into the form of tiny air bubbles to through the water, it will makes the tiny bubbles and adhered to the suspended particles in the water, forming gas, water and particle three phase hybrid system,.when particle adhesion on the bubble, its density is smaller than the buoyancy of the water, then it form scum layer above the water and break away from  water.

Type classification of air flotation device

The air flotation device is designed according to the air flotation. According to the classification of air flotation, the air flotation device is different.

1. The electric air flotation is mainly used in the use of insoluble anodes and cathodes, which are used to electrolyze the waste water directly.Cathode and anode to produce hydrogen and oxygen of the tiny air bubbles, pollutants in waste water to particles or first treated by coagulation flocculation body formed by adhesion and rise to the surface of the water, generate foam layer, then put the shaving foam, realize the separation of the removal of pollutants.

2. The gas air flotation is divided into microporous aeration gas air flotation and the shear bubble air flotation.The former is through microporous ceramics.The microporous plastic tubes will compress the air and disperse the air bubbles in the water.The latter is mainly the air to tell rotating impeller, using rotating impeller cause negative pressure suction air, waste water is fixed on the impeller cover plate holes into the impeller, the impeller stirring and guide vane, under the joint action of shattered into tiny air bubbles, the impeller through the shaft from the water above the motor rotation.

3. Dissolved air flotation device will be effective when they are terminated according to the precipitation of bubble pressure difference, when using this method can be divided into pressurized dissolved air flotation and dissolved vacuum air flotation, the pressure of the former condition, makes the air dissolve in the water like air oversaturated, then reduced to atmospheric pressure, make the air precipitation, with tiny bubbles release in the water, air flotation.The latter is waste water under ordinary conditions of aeration and make them fully dissolved air, and then under the condition of vacuum, solution gas in the waste water precipitation, micro air bubble formation, floating in the water to form foam adhesive particle impurities removing scum.

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