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What are the characteristics of the multiphase miscible air floatation equipment?

The multiphase miscible floater equipment body is a rectangular steel structure. The main components will also be composed of dissolved air pump, air compressor, dissolved air tank, rectangular box, air floatation system, scraping system and so on. The gas dissolving tank on the multi-phase miscible air floatation apparatus generates fine bubbles, the particle size is 20-40 um, and the adhered flocculates are firm. At this time, a good air flotation effect can also be achieved.


When the multiphase miscible floatation equipment is used, the use of flocculants is relatively small and the cost is reduced; the operating procedures are easy to grasp, the water quality and quantity of water are easy to control, the management is simple and easy to use, and maintenance is performed; the backwash system is provided to release The device is not easy to block; on this device, the processing capacity is large, the efficiency is high, and the area is small. When the actual use is performed, sludge swelling can be eliminated.


The multiphase miscible floatation equipment is aerated to the water during airfloatation, which has a significant effect on the removal of surfactant and odor from the water. At the same time, the aeration increases the dissolved oxygen in the water and provides Powerful conditions.


Attention and daily maintenance of multiphase miscible floatation equipment during use: Pay attention to the pressure gauge reading on this dissolved tank can not exceed 0.6MPa; attention should be paid to this clean water pump, air compressor, and foam blower Lubrication is performed on a regular basis, and air compressors are generally used once every two months for oil and once every six months for air compressors. Air flotation tanks should pay attention to the number of sediments to be cleaned regularly; for the sewage entering the flotation machine, attention must be paid to dosing. The effect will be very unsatisfactory.


When using the multi-phase miscible air floatation equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to regularly check whether the safety valve above the dissolved air tank is reliable; when the release of the multi-phase miscible floatation equipment release device, the vacuum should be turned on. The valve, so that the releaser tabs open, then it should be cleaned with water to clean itself, rinse the plug, and then close the valve, the valve generally only need to open 10-20 seconds.

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