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What are the functional characteristics and application scope of the scraper

The scraper is a kind of mud discharging equipment, which is mainly composed of brakes, scraping mud, slag board, driving device and self-control cabinet.Currently, there are many central drive scraper and peripheral drive scraper. machine. As the flow area increases and the flow rate decreases, the sediment in the sewage settles at the bottom of the tank, and the scraper scrapes the precipitated sludge into the central sludge pit and discharges it from the sludge pipe by water pressure.


The working bridge adopts truss structure, light weight and good rigidity; the driving wheel is made of steel skeleton and lining wear-resistant rubber, which has large friction coefficient and stable operation. The scraping bridge is connected with the center bracket in an articulated form, which can eliminate the influence of the unevenness of the track surface of the tank body, equipment installation and operation on the central slewing bearing, improve the bearing condition of the bearing and improve the service life.


The scraper has simple structure, stable transmission, low power consumption and good mud scraping effect. It is an ideal mud discharging device for radial flow sedimentation tanks and concentration in urban sewage treatment plants, waterworks and industrial wastewater treatment. In the pool, the sludge settled at the bottom of the tank is removed and the scum of the pool surface is

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