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What are the reasons for choosing a scraper

The scraper is not only an ideal slagging environmental protection water equipment, but also an indispensable part of the equipment process produced by professionally produced air flotation machine manufacturers. It is also the most commonly used scraping equipment for medium and small air flotation machines. It is suitable for slagging in sedimentation tanks and air flotation tanks in sewage treatment. It is widely used in food, slaughtering, printing and dyeing, paper making, tanning, petrochemical, metallurgical building materials and other industries, especially in papermaking wastewater applications.


The purpose of the scraper is to scrape debris such as air bubbles from the surface of the pool to the downstream for centralized treatment and to scrape the surface oil. The flapping action is completed by the collision block, the action is reliable, and the control form can be based on the user's request. The scraper is divided into two types: the vehicle type and the chain type. It is an auxiliary device for the air flotation unit air flotation machine. It is suitable for scraping the suspended matter generated by air flocculation and flocculation.


The floating scraper has the advantages of flexibility, stable operation and convenient operation, and is an ideal slagging device. Brake-type scraper is widely used in large-scale air flotation machines. It is designed according to the size of the air-floating pool. It has compact structure and reliable operation. It is equipped with automatic control and overload protection system. It adopts intermediate centralized drive and synchronous drive at both ends. Most of them adopt the chain transmission principle. According to the size of the air floating box, according to the treated sewage water quality and the added medicament, the scraping speed can be adjusted to achieve the task of scraping slag under small power consumption. The amount of scraping can be adjusted as

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