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What is flotation

Floatation is highly dispersed micro-bubbles and adhesion of suspended particles in the water, making it as the bubbles rise to the surface, thus separating them, add coagulation chemicals can significantly improve air floating effect. Low density of algae, flocculation flocculation nuclear after a thief, and has good adhesive bubble performance, compared to sedimentation, floatation treatment eutrophication waters edge.

Wuhan East Lake water plant Shanghai Grand gardens and artificial lakes of floating algae removal device operating results shows that the flotation process can effectively remove small particles, algae, and phosphates and other pollutants, significant increases in dissolved oxygen, and improve water quality. Gong Lei, such as small cavitation air flotation equipment and combined flocculation treatment of algae in Dianchi Lake water, algae and turbidity removal rates of 99% and 92.8% respectively. Dispersion flotation removal of algae in the water, algae removal rate of 90% and flocculation performance of cationic surfactant of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, raw water pH and ion concentration is the key factor affecting flotation effect.

In accordance with the method of micro-bubbles and flotation waste water treatment process can be divided into dispersing air flotation, electro-coagulation-floatation method and biological and chemical gas and dissolved air floatation (vacuum-pressure dissolved air flotation and float).

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